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Why My Kids look Homeless

We let our kids dress themselves.

90% of the time, they look ridiculous.

They have absolutely zero sense of style. But that’s okay in my books.

Every morning they get to pick what they wear, and even though the majority of the time I cringe. I bite my tongue and say, good pick! 

They dress themselves

I make sure to let my daughter know she looks beautiful and my son looks handsome.

Who am I to say what the style is for a 3 and 5 year old? 

I’m 30 and don’t know what my style is. 

I spent years trying to “conform” and fit in with whatever group of people I felt like I needed to fit in with. 

It wasn’t until I became a somewhat isolated adult that I decided to wear whatever the hell I wanted to. 

At this age I feel like kids are literally just that, kids. They don’t care what anyone else is wearing. I’m pretty sure most of them wouldn’t even bat an eye if your clothes were inside out. (I can confirm this as my 3 year old tends to put his pants on backwards and inside out as he just thinks its hilarious.)

There will eventually come a time where my kids will come home upset because someone made fun of their clothes. Because let’s face it. Kids can be cruel. 

It happened to me, it probably happened to my mom, and grandma and so on and so forth. Back to the stone age days where there were probably better sets of leaf underwear, and only the fanciest of caveman wore them.

Soon enough brand names will be a “must” or certain colours or whatever kids are into now a days (because honestly, I don’t have the slightest clue… apparently “slime” is huge right now?!)

At this time we will probably all be a little more conscious about what the kids are wearing…. to a degree. 

Before all that hits there is the good old random style of toddlers. And we will rock it for as long as we can. 

I am going to try my hardest to encourage my kids to do what they want, and wear what they want. Everyone is unique in their own way, and where is the fun of blending in with every other kid in your class. I feel like the start of this, is by letting them choose their own clothing. If it makes them happy, who am I to say that it looks ridiculous? Hopefully they will gain some confidence by doing this, but then again, who knows. I’m sure if I looked hard enough there would be an article saying that letting them do this will in turn make them delinquints.

I would rather have my kid walking down the street looking slightly foolish with a big grin on than like a kid out of a gap magazine.

Kids are unruly, unpredicatable, and messy… they might as well look the part.

So if you see my kids walking down the street, don’t worry, they aren’t homeless… and they do have clothes that match and fit.

They just choose not to wear them.

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