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10 Ways to Reduce Everyday Waste

1.Bamboo toothbrush 

I got one of these from winners for about $4. I fell in love right away. I opened it up and the read all the packaging. The box was recyclable, and the toothbrush was individually wrapped in a weird kind of paper that said it was compostable. When you are done with the tooth brush it says to cut the bristles or the whole head of the toothbrush off and put it in the recycling bin and the handle goes into the compost. BAM, NO WASTE! Did you know that there are apparently about 111 million toothbrushes in canada that get thrown into landfills?? That is ridonck.

2.Soap bars 

This took me longer then I would like to admit to figure out. It’s really a no brainer. Replace your hand soap pumps in bathrooms and your kitchen with good old bar of soap. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

3.Hand pick your produce instead of buying it already bagged.

Not only does this ensure that you don’t come home to find out that half of your apples have bruises, but when you hand select your own fruits and veggies you can use your own bag! I’ve come to realize that some things you buy bagged do come in handy. For example, anything that comes in the mesh bags is easy to reuse. Those bags your avocados, or little oranges come in are perfect to take with you next time! You can use them to hold the apples, pears, or whatever you hand select since they are easy to see through and are virtually weightless.

4.Eggs in cardboard.

We go through eggs like a mofo in our house. And by “we” I basically mean “me.” Avoid buying the eggs that come in the styrofoam or plastic containers. Opt for the cardboard so it can be recycled. If you forget, just re-purpose that styrofoam container. They work really well for separating paint colours for the kids craft time.

5.Kitty litter in cardboard boxes 

For years I would just buy the lightweight litter brand. It came in a giant plastic container. It was always a pain in the ass to get rid of when it was empty. They are huge and bulky! Here was another no brainer moment. Buy it in the cardboard version! duh

6.Buy a large jug of Castile soap

You can use this bad boy for so many things! I use the Dr. Bonners brand. If you can’t bring yourself to use the bar soap in your bathrooms this is a good alternative. My kids don’t seem to be able to handle a bar soap when it comes to washing their hands after the bathroom (or they are just too lazy…) so I have a foaming pump soap for them to use. I also have a stash of old soap pump bottles so I can just make more when needed.

7.Make your own condiments 

Okay, Okay. I can hear the eye rolls here, but hear me out. Once you start making some of your own condiments the crap you buy in stores will start to taste exactly like that. I started doing this when I did my first round of whole 30. There are things like ketchup and mustard that I do buy, but when it comes to ranch, mayo, and bbq sauce I make my own. If you want to try it out you can send me a message, or simply google whole 30 sauce recipes.

8.Choose glass over plastic

If you are buying condiments, see if you can get them in glass jars. These are easy to re-purpose. They can make cute flower vases, or perfect jars for when you do take the leap and try to make you own!

9.Shop at bulk barn

I recently realized how amazing this place is. I always thought bulk barn was just for buying ridiculous amounts of candy. We went there to stock our candy bar for our wedding and I guess because of that I have always just associated it with junk food. Take in all those glass jars you have been saving, let them weigh them at the font, and then stock up on the essentials!

10.Use shampoo bars

This is one that I’m still working on. I am in love with the idea, and surprisingly they give you a really good lather…. they just seem to make my hair feel kinda weird. I end up using my bottled conditioner afterwards, and tend to use my bottled shampoo every other time. I’m hoping I just haven’t found the right bar yet, but I plan on continuing to use them. I’m also just thinking I will eventually become used to the way it makes my hair feel. With ingredients that you can pronounce, I’m positive it’s better for your body. So this may just be something that takes time!

What are some of your favourite ways to reduce or reuse? I would love to hear them!