30 new things at 30

#25 Brew My Own Booch

I have been wanting to brew my own Booch (Kombucha) for months now. Back in June I bought a book and went and even got all the supplies I needed, minus the skoby. After talking to some people and realizing that it was kinda gross looking to brew, I decided that I was going to wait until our house sold to make it.

Months later our house was still on the market and I got to the point where I was just tired of putting things off that I wanted to do. I reached out on my husbands facebook and found me a skoby!!

I also made my husband pick my new little buddy up from his way home from work (if you have ever seen a skoby, you can just imagine how thrilled he was to do this)

Turns out, the lady that gave me the skoby was pretty amazing. She was an older russian lady who gave him her phone number and said that I could call her anytime I had questions. She’s been brewing for 20 some years and was pretty much a straight up pro.

I think it took me…three batches, maybe four, before I got a successful batch. With 2 weeks on each batch, you can imagine how impatient I was getting!

So if your interested in brewing your own, learn from my mistakes and don’t waste your time!

  • Use spring water. I was under the impression that because I was boiling my water, that it was ok to use tap water. I wasted a lot of tea, and weeks of my life waiting for a brew that was doomed from the start.
  • do not use flavoured tea. The idea of flavoured tea seemed like it would make delicious kombucha. This apparently isn’t the case. Stick to plain jane tea. I finally took the advice of my russian friend and just used red rose original tea like she has been using.
  • don’t taste it every day because you’re an impatient nerd. The more you do this, the more it disturbs it, which makes it take longer… who would have guessed!
  • stick with it until you get a good batch! it’s totally worth it! Now that I have had a few successful bathes I don’t even want to drink the store-bought stuff anymore. It’s ucky and I don’t like it.

This last batch was the first batch I have had where I think my skoby may actually be big enough for me to split. So here goes making two batches at once!

My 3 year old son also LOVES making booch with me. He’s excited to add fruit, taste it, and bottle it up. He’s pretty much my little booch babe.

Oh and FYI it tastes amazing with wine! So clearly this is worth something trying!


3 year old booch lover
3 year old booch helper
Two batches on the go!