TRIUMPHS of parenthood

Laughter, music, dance, acrobats  and cranky faces

What do these things have in common?

They are universal. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are from, or what language you speak. You can easily observe these things and understand them completely. Even with music, you may not understand the lyrics, but you can recognize a beat.

This was one of the coolest things I really noticed on vacation. People were there from literally all over the world, and with the language barrier, anyone could understand these things.

Of course we also learnt some things that you may find helpful when deciding if you should take a 3 and 4-year-old on a long, expensive trip. Learn from us and decided if its worth it.


  • 7 days is too long:The first three were overcast, which was perfect, the rest were HOT. Our kids do not handle heat well. The kids were exhausted, started to hate the heat and were absolutely miserable. I on the other hand, also don’t like excessive heat, but booze and relaxing is my solution to this.

  • All inclusive sounds great, but in reality was a nightmare: our kids had the options to eat whatever they wanted. Because there was so much to choose from, all they wanted were peanut butter sandwiches, ice cream, and dessert. 

Oh.. and can I just take a moment to ask why dessert is offered at EVERY meal?! Come on man, give me a break, how do you say no when there are tables and tables of desserts covered in pink sprinkles all literally within toddler reach. Meal time was the WORST time. Little hands just walking around skimming the tops of the counters grabbing at treats and loosing their minds when you told them no.

  • Don’t even get me started about the table settings:

So. Many. Knifes. 

So. Many. Wine glasses.

Why they think it’s a good idea to give toddlers wine glasses is beyond my grasp.  Somehow we only broke ONE, but many were spilt, and I am sure me and my husband now have way more gray hairs then what we started with.

Check out the storm behind me!
  • The shows are waaaaay too late: My kids go to bed at 7, 730.. the shows are at NINE!! We went to two shows, and although the kids loved them I think it contributed to them being miserable the rest of the trip. I get that its vacation and it’s not necessarily time for “routine” but if your kids are NOT nappers, or refuse to nap maybe just stay away from these. This was sleep they didn’t get back until once we were home. Instead, turn the lights off at home, and let them watch Americas got talent with surround sound.
  • Don’t bother Bringing a book, you’ll never have time to read it.
  • If you want to relax, this is not the vacation for you. The only break I got was not having to cook or clean. Oh, and there was also that ONE day, miraculously everyone was sleeping and I had a whole THIRTY MINUTES to myself (which was spent writing the start of a future blog 😂)


  • Our kids turned into fish: Our 3-year-old didn’t even want to go into the deep water with us holding him at the beginning of the trip. By the end he was swimming around and jumping off the edge of the pool. Our 4-year-old can now jump off the edge without being caught and completely go under water without freaking out (which is something I have yet to master)
  • Our son can finally 💩 on the potty : we really struggled with potty training, poop was the devil and he was pretty much terrified of the idea of doing it in a toilet. We got to mexico and our first full day there, BAM pooping on the potty like a big boy. I’ll be honest with you, we all definitely had a cheering/dance party when this happened.

Oh and we now know all the lyrics and sing on a regular basis “poop song potty training 101” YouTube it. It’s fine, I’ll wait…











You’re welcome.

  • He also learnt how to pee standing up! 👌(this is also something I have yet to master)
  • Our kids learnt some Spanish and know how to use it accordingly🤗
  • My daughter was scared of bugs in all sizes and shapes: After a week in Mexico she was watching ants crawl on her hand and just shaking them off.
  • They got to see all different kinds of wildlife, they became pros at spotting lizards
  • They went on daily hunts for coconuts: We played guessing games on which animals were eating them. After finding a good one, they watched dad bust it open and got to drink the water,  just like MOANA!
  • Our kids have realized that even if someone is from the other side of the world, and can’t speak English, they can still be friends 💕


So, with all that being said, here is  a little back story… My husband took me on my first real big trip about 8 years ago. We went to the Dominican Republic, and this was both of ours first trips out of the country.

We were 22 years old.

My daughter has been to mexico twice and is turning 5 soon, and my son is 3.

I’m so incredibly grateful that this was even possible for us to do. I’m extremely lucky that we have the life that we do that allows us to have these once in a lifetime opportunities with our kids.

So although this was a completely different kind of trip, the experiences that our kids had were totally worth it. There were exhausting times, and frustrating times for sure. But there were even better times to counter those.