TRIUMPHS of parenthood

The Peace

Brooklyn: Do you know what my favourite thing about colouring is? 

Me: What? 

Brooklyn:The peace. 

Me: What do you mean the peace?

Brooklyn:It’s just a really quiet thing to do. 

Me: Oh, so you like the quiet?


Me:Me too. I used to draw lots when I was little like you 

Brooklyn:You did? Why don’t you anymore? 

Me:Hmm. I don’t know. 

Brooklyn:Maybe it’s because you have more jobs now? 

Me:Maybe. I guess I don’t have the time to draw and colour anymore, I’m too busy doing other things. 

Brooklyn:Well right now seems like the perfect time for you to draw. Why don’t you? 

Me:I don’t know. What should I draw? 

Brooklyn:Whatever you like! That’s the whole fun of it! I like to start with an outline and then colour it in. 

I was sitting at the table with a coffee, and my youngest was still in bed. How could I say that this WASN’T the perfect time to draw. 

This is starting to happen more often as my daughter gets older. She likes to give me little tid-bits of her wisdom, and they always seem to come at a time when I need them.

Somewhere over the years I forgot about the joy I used to get from drawing. I shouldn’t say “somewhere” I’m pretty sure I stopped when I got a job, and had more “important things to do” 

I used to sit in my room for hours upon hours drawing. I enjoyed the quiet, the solitude, and the joy of creating something with nothing but paper and a pencil. 

I also didn’t like leaving things unfinished. If I started drawing something, I wouldn’t stop until it was finished. This at times resulted in hours and days spent on pieces. 

I guess the more responsibilities you acquire the less time you find to do the simple things  like drawing. 

The last thing I worked on was my logo for my photography business. That was definitely the first thing I drew in about 10 years. 

So I took my daughters advice and sat and drew the first thing that popped into my head.


What is something you used to do consistently that has fallen onto the back burners? 

Maybe it’s the “perfect time” for YOU to pick it up now. Give it a shot, and see if it still brings you the same “peace”.