Anxiety / Awkwardness


Are we adventurous or have we gone mad? 

We can’t survive a trip to the grocery store or a ten minute wait in a doctors office, but we have decided to spend 8 hours in airports/airplanes with a 3 and a 4 year old. 


I haven’t quite figured that out yet… 

probably just for the sole fact that I want to spend my birthday on a beach with a drink in my hand. 

But will it be worth it? Now that is the real question. And only time will tell. 

I’m one of those people  who packs for EVERY possible outcome.

95% of the time I don’t use the stuff I brought for emergencies, but 100% of the time I need something I don’t have. 

Oh, and this is when I’m JUST packing for me and my husband

So how do I pack and prepare for me and him  PLUS two toddlers? 

  • I spend weeks compiling lists randomly all over my house,None of which contain the same things.
  • then I hunt all over the house and my phone looking for said lists, say I will compile them to one, and then decide that is a “waste of time” and the process is repeated. 
  • I Spend copious amounts of time on Pinterest finding the best “tips and tricks” to travelling with toddlers
  • I spend time packing backpacks full of new and fun toys that I envision the kids having hours upon hours of fun with but in reality I know they will be bored within minutes, most likely before we even take off from the first airport 
  • I make threats for weeks saying that if they don’t listen we WON’T go on the vacation .. but who am I kidding, we spent way too much money to cancel, and the stress of packing is making me want those beach drinks even more now.
  • I have nightmares of my kids running off and getting taken by strangers and being sold because they are beautiful.
  • I then spend the upcoming weeks drilling into my kids Brains  “their name, my name and phone number” and what to do if a stranger tries to give them sparkly things or treats
  • I think about cancelling the trip because of anxiety about planes crashing, strangers, terrorists, hep a, animal bites, infections, heat stroke, robbery, kids ears popping during the plane ride and having them scream in excruciating pain. And last but not least, being chopped up into pieces and scattered around the country, because we are the perfect Canadian family to choose, and I recently read a news article about it.

I guess I’m sending out an s.o.s to all of you reading, to give me a pep talk and tell me that we will survive this and come out the other side with more patience, love, and togetherness 🙄😂

 I feel like I’m just gonna plug my nose, hold my breath, and jump in with both feet and hope I don’t drown.