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#27 Do Something I Think Is Impossible

I saw this challenge the last time my yoga studio did it, and I had people asking me if I was going to join. My reply was laughing and saying it was pretty much impossible for me to do. The thought of me being gone from my house that much made me think it would fall apart.

The challenge is simple in theory. You need to go to 20 yoga classes in 30 days. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to be able to make this happen. I decided that I would figure out the details later and just go ahead and sign up.

As soon as I saw that giant board with my name on it my fear of failure and embarrassment kicked in. There was no way that I was going to have my name on that board and not finish.

Being the planner that I am, I went home, pulled up the schedule of all the classes and put together a plan. As a result, I wrote out on the calendar which classes I wanted to go to for the week, and let my husband know. It was integral to my success that he was on board with this.

A little background on my yoga story first.

I’ve been doing yoga for about two years now. When I first started I was going through some tough times and suffering from some depression. Yoga helped me drastically and I started to feel like myself again. 

I did a 40 day transformation, which was yoga and meditation every day for 40 days. As a result I felt amazing, but like most good things, it eventually came to an end.

Slowly I  got lazy and stopped going as much.  I felt myself getting weaker,
and noticed a change in my attitude.  Therefore, I went from realizing its ok to take time for myself, to feeling guilty about it again.

This 20 in 30 challenge was the perfect kick in the butt.

I’ve come to realize that my fear of failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It forces me to push myself to succeed. The fact that my name was on a giant board in the front of the studio made me want to do this, and do it properly. 

By October 11, I had done 10 classes. I was IN THE LEAD on a fitness challenge. I had never even thought of joining a challenge like this, and now that I did, I was frankly kicking some ass. At the end of every class I would put my little check on the board and felt ridiculously proud of myself. 

I finished my 20 classes on the 28, and was the second person to complete the challenge. 

A month of going to yoga regularly and I feel stronger, happier, and healthier. There has been a huge change in my mood again and now I just need to find the motivation to keep up with it . To sum up,  I have realized that it is ok for me to take some time for myself. My family and house survived me being away a little almost every day. Thanks to my husband I now know I can do whatever I put my mind to. A little healthy competition is a good thing.  It takes feeling really good to realize how crappy you actually used to feel. I guess this 30 new things at 30 is really pushing me to do get out of my ordinary routine and experience some new things,  and I’m lovin it!