30 new things at 30

29 and In My Prime: Again and Again and Again

Well. It has finally happened. I turned 30 yesterday.

I’ve been in a slight denial for years, I think after I hit 23 I just forgot how old I actually was. For a  good two years I actually told people I was younger than I really was. Not because I was trying to “trick” people, but because I actually thought that’s how old I was. I remember numerous times asking my husband my age.

I knew I was turning 30 this year thanks to him and his constant reminders but I still think its UCKY and I DON’T LIKE IT.

So I decided to change my mindset about this hideous number and do something fun with it.

Because I’m an introvert, have some social anxiety, hate change, and hate the look, sound and feel of adrenaline, I hold back from doing LOTS of things. This became more obvious to me after last years birthday.

Last year I went to CAMP YOGA.

It was basically a summer camp for adults (plus alcohol.) They had a lot of things I “wanted” to do, but for months leading up to it I got more and more nervous and was sure I wouldn’t actually follow through. I told my husband to make sure I did everything I wanted, and when it came time, I regretted it.

I was part of the first group to climb some high ropes structure. The spaces got further and further apart the higher you got. Once you got to the top you had to rappel.

I remember feeling like I was going to poop my pants.

And feeling like I was impressed that I didn’t.

I was shaking, and couldn’t catch my breath.

I got to the top and after a lot of convincing I came down. My feet hit the ground and I felt like I was going to collapse and couldn’t stop vibrating.

Holy shit. That was amazing.

Camp Yoga Alberta: High Ropes


Next, I had to climb a tall tower and just JUMP off and try to hit the buoy hanging on a line ahead of you.

This one took even more convincing but I did it.

Camp Yoga Alberta: High ropes


The next day was the rock climbing wall. I got all the way to the top of two of the walls,  and casually came down. By this time I had established I wasn’t going to die on my way down.

Camp Yoga Alberta: Rock Climbing Wall


This was all I talked about ALL WEEKEND, and probably for weeks after.

This was the last time I did something for the first time.

And it was my favourite weekend I’ve had in years! For the first time in a very long time, I did NOT let fear hold me back. Well, my husband didn’t let fear hold me back. He was pretty adamant on me doing these things and he let everyone there know what a big deal it was for me. Pure pressure at its finest!

I have decided that I’m going to make turning 30 something to remember.

I am going to dedicate my 30th year to doing a bunch of things for my first time. A lot of them will probably seem super lame to the majority of people, but for someone who is very structured and predictable they will all be little wins in my book. I’ve been thinking for a while about things I’ve wanted to try but haven’t. My list consists of eating some foods I think look gross, taking some new classes/courses , doing some things on my own, and all around just pushing my comfort levels.

So, Cheers to being an old ditty!

And finding a way to make me feel like a spring chicken again.