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I’m screwing up my kids

Numerous times a week…hell, let’s just say numerous times a day, I fear that I’m screwing my kids up in some way or another. 

I think eventually everyone is going to end up in therapy (or should) for one reason or another and everything always seems to fall back on the parents. 🤷‍♀️

  • My parents didn’t encourage me enough
  • My parents didn’t disciple me enough
  • My parents didn’t support me enough
  • My parents didn’t give me the pink bowl with the matching spoon

You get the idea. 

With all the posts on social media (Pinterest in particular for me) how does anyone NOT feel like this? 

  • How to raise independent kids 
  • Things you should never say to your kids
  • How not to yell
  • How to raise sensitive kids
  • How to raise compassionate kids
  • How to make sure your kids don’t end up as psychopaths that destroy the world

I think I miss the “good old days” where you just did what you thought you should do. 

Now, no matter where you look you’ll find something, somewhere,  pretty much saying that your screwing your kids up. 

No matter how many Pinterest articles I read, I’m sure My kids will find someway to blame their problems on me anyways, so maybe instead of wasting my time trying to figure out how NOT to screw up my kids, I should just start saving money for their therapy 🤔

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