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How to Survive A Parkade


I am the kind of person who doesn’t like driving anywhere new. Especially if that entails jasper or whyte ave. It feel too congested, there are too many pedestrians, people riding bikes and other distracting things…  and when you don’t know where your actually going it causes for some major anxiety.

I had to go to jasper ave last week to do my sons passport.

I was dreading it.

What if I get lost?

What if I can’t figure out where to park?

What if I have to pay for parking and I don’t have the right coins?

What if I can’t find my van after i park?

What if the passport application is filled out wrong and I have to come back AGAIN?

What if it’s super busy and everyone gets pissed at me because I’m holding up the line? 

What if the button on my pants blows and they fall down and my shirt rips and my titties pop out?!

As you can tell, I have a habit of thinking about every possible outcome and then stressing about it.

My husband knows this and the night before he answers most of my questions to give me some kind of relief from my over active brain.

I went prepared and magically made it to the building without a hitch. I Found the parkade, and right by the door was the holiest of parking spots. There is no way I could forget a parking spot RIGHT by the entrance.

Next came trying to figure out how to get into the building FROM the parkade 🙄 After walking up random hallways and stairs and feeling like I was going to run into someone shooting up at every corner 🤦‍♀️ I decided to go back to where I started and  just walk up the ramp and go out and around to the front of the building.. (essentially the exact same way I had just drove in)

We got in, and everything went fine with the passport. It was a 6 min wait, and everything was filled out properly! Perfect!👌

I went to go leave and I figured I would go the same way I came in… well it turns out the way I came out of the parkade is “dangerous” 🙄 and I was told I coudnt go that way. I immediately started to panic because I had no idea where my vehicle was from any other direction in that friggen parkade.

I swallowed my pride and asked for directions.🙊

I followed the directions and got into the parkade and it looked completely different then the one I parked in.

Different colours.

Different numbers.

100% NOT where I parked.


Ummmm this is my nightmare.🤬

I started cussing under my breath and slightly panicking and my FOUR year old says,

“It’s ok mommy, I remember where we parked, I’ll help you look. “ 

“Remember thats not a good word, you shouldn’t say that.”

“I guess were just a little lost, but thats ok.”

My attitude immediately shifted and I remembered that it’s not just me here,  if I freak out, shell freak out..I need to get my shit together for her sake.

We walked back in and once again, asked for directions. This time showing strangers the multiple pictures I took OF my parking space.

They pointed us to the opposite side of the building, so off we went, all the while my daughter is telling everyone we make eye contact with that “were just a little lost, but its ok.”

 We walked out the door and bam, there was my hotter than hell minivan.

I realize this probably sounds trivial to most people, but the fact that I didn’t curl up in a corner and bawl my eyes out is a win. 

So if your wondering how to survive parkades, all you need is: 

The serenity in accepting that you’re lost,

The courage to ask for help,

And the wisdom of a 4 year old.

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