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Rice Krispies:Snap,Crackle and Pop My Sanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Almost every day my kids eat cereal for breakfast.  I have learnt to read the labels a little better and they only get cereal that has a few grams of sugar, Cue plain rice krispies, and plain cheerios. 

I know, I’m a super boring mother and my kids are missing out on something substanial in their childhood right? what do you mean they don’t know what froot loops are?? or cinnamon toast crunch?? L.O.S.E.R!

Now that that is out of the way and your over the fact that I don’t give my kids “normal” cereal for breakfast, lets get back to this whole insanity thing.

Every morning, my kids want cereal. very specifically, one wants dry cereal, and one wants some with some milk (but not too much milk because then it gets too soggy too fast obviously…)

They are 3 and almost 5, and you would think for something that they eat everyday, they would be masters at the art of handling a spoon.

They are not.

In fact, if you watched them eat you may suspect that they just recently figured out what a utensil even was…. but at the same time, if you were to give them a bowl of super tiny mini chocolate chips they would become a pro.

 Within minutes my floor is covered in cereal. I’m sure if you are a parent you have tried to clean wet cereal off of the floor, even better then that is trying to clean wet RICE KRISPIES off the floor. 

It’s pretty much rice’s twin brother: it’s equally annoying to clean, looks very similar, but shows up to the party at the beginning of the day when you are not even considering having company yet.

Every morning my kids ask for it, every morning I give it to them. I walk to the table with no slippers on, and enjoy the feeling of no food sticking to my feet. Sometimes I even look at them and think,

“wow, they are so adorable, I’m so proud of my kids and their healthy choices,”

“here you go little buddy, enjoy” 🙂

I turn around to return to my coffee and bam

“mommy can I have some paper towel”

“mommy chair messy”

“I spill”

“I move to clean chair”

“I have more?”

Snap back from reality, oh there goes my sanity.

Guess ill put the coffee down, the slippers on, and just be happy my kids aren’t on a sugar high.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day they realize how to use a spoon. maybe years from now when they are both functioning people I will miss the feel of wet rice krispies on my feet, or the look of them smeared on my floor. But right now, I just wish I would have just sat and enjoyed my hot coffee before I gave them their breakfast. 

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