Everything Happens For A Reason

This is a saying that I’m sure we have all heard numerous times. It’s one of those things that everyone says when there is no explanation for the things that happen, and to make people feel better when things don’t.

Sometimes this is really hard to believe.

We listed our house feb 22. We finished our basement, painted the whole house, and removed all clutter and personal items from our home. Everyone that we talked to ensured us that we would sell quickly. With our house being as nice as it was, the work we put into it, and the prime location, I believed them.

Our original plan was that we were going to buy a house in Devon, and possibly work on flipping it to make some money in a few years. Then we would buy a chunk of land and build our forever home. Over the next 9 months, we looked at houses, fell in love, and had our hearts broken numerous times as we saw them selling, and ours did not.

In the time that our house has been listed, we have put off doing alot of things, and have been pretty much living in a hotel.

We have spent entire days cleaning, to have people not even show up for the showing. Almost worse then that, is to spend the day cleaning and getting out of the house with the kids, to have someone show up and be done looking at the house within 5 minutes.

This whole process has kind of just be a nightmare, and because it took us so long to sell, we have come to the conclusion that we never want to try to sell a house again.

The sale of our house finally happened. We had our second showing the DAY AFTER my daughters birthday party (which was in the house) and then a few days later they put an offer in. This was november 7 and they wanted us out december 3.

We immediately started looking for rental properties in devon.

There were TWO houses, that allowed pets, and had enough bedrooms for us.

We went and looked at them and i felt sick to my stomach, they were dirty, small, and the previous tenants looked pretty “rough around the edges.” I almost burst in to tears thinking this was where we were going to have to live.

My husband helped them load some furniture into their truck, and in return they told us about this new house that just went up for rent across from the school.

We drove by to check it out and it looked big and had an amazing wrap around deck. We called and set up an appointment to check it out the next day.

We met with the owner and he told us it had been up for rent for 3 days, and he had already had NINE people interested. It was up to his judge of character who he was going to select to be the renters.

Now it was Back and forth waiting for inspection dates, if we got picked for the new rental property, and just all the other uncertainties that happen when selling a house.

Finally things started to fall into place.

The owner of the rental let us know that he had picked us and that he knew as soon as he met us we were the right people to live in his house.

The inspection went well, other then a few small silly things and the financing went through and we had finally sold our house.

The guy that we are renting from, just bought something crazy, like 160 acres of land, 3 minutes outside of Devon. His plan is to be dividing it into 2 acre lots and selling it within the next few years. If all goes well, this could be a great partnership for when we are ready to buy our land.

I have previously been stressed out EVERYDAY I drop my daughter off at school. You need to be about 30min early for drop off to get a spot in the parking lot, and an hour early for pick up to get a spot. This has resulted in me parking a block or so away and walking with my three year old to the school for pick up. He also decided he doesn’t want to walk anymore, which results in me carrying him🙄

Traffic getting out of that area is also a nightmare because its so congested and busy.

The house we are renting is literally steps from the pre-school and elementary school.

I can sit on my huge wrap around deck, in a rocking chair, with my coffee (or sangria) and watch my kids walk right into the school.

This new house also has a strange area that is under renovation. It’s purpose eventually is to be a large dinning area, but as it sits right now, its the perfect spot for my photo studio. I can set up my equipment and it has its own separate entry. I can have people come for sessions, and not have them walk through my whole house.


Living in the city, there are lots of events that happen, but I find that I don’t make it to alot of them. If my husband is working, or away, I tend to not do things without him. Mainly because if it’s somewhere I am not used to, the drive stresses me out. Then there is the worrying about parking, traffic, and just the overall busy-ness that comes with every event that happens in the city.

Devon is smaller, and where our rental is, most things are a few block away at the most. I can walk, or drive 2 minutes to get to anything that is going on. Surely I can handle that right?

The past week has been pretty overwhelming. We have been for sale for a long time, but the sale and moving out happened within 2 weeks.

We went from four bathrooms, to pretty much one tiny closet bathroom for all of us.

We went from having lots of counter space, and a walk in pantry to barely any counter, and no pantry at all.

We went from a double garage, to no garage.

But we also went from dealing with traffic everywhere you went, to 30km speed limits and casual drives .

A view of houses, to a view of tees and sky.

Over crowded schools with the possibility of rezoning, to never having to worry about switching schools because there is only one.

Our kids not even knowing what the national anthem is, to singing it every morning before class (like I did growing up 💕)

Wandering around grocery stores in silence, to people actually talking to each other. This totally threw me for a loop when I first heard it. It seemed so out of the ordinary to me, which is pretty sad. The reality is, you go shopping and your bound to run into people you know when you live in a small community.

My kids thinking “nothing in life is free,” to seeing the kindness of small communities.

There are things we need to figure out, but in time we will. This is definitely an adjustment period for all of us but we are where we wanted to be and we’re thankful it all finally worked out. If we would have sold quickly we would have ended up buying a house, and trying to turn around and sell it which is a headache. Now, when we’re ready, we will buy our land, build our forever home and have a clean break from this one.

So yes. Everything does happen for a reason! Sometimes it just takes nine months to see it.