TRIALS of parenthood

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

As it sits right now our kids have no idea what a lie is. All they know is what we tell them. 

They just Assume everything is true because ,

Why would anyone say anything that ISN’T true? 

They believe every word that comes out of my mouth. 

And one day that will drastically change. 

One day they will have something huge that they have believed in for years, and someone is going to pop that bubble. 

From there on out they are going to assume that everything they hear is a lie, 

Because guess what? 

Who wouldn’t lie to protect someone?

Who wouldn’t lie to cover up something? 

Who wouldn’t lie to make someone feel better?

There are numerous reasons to lie and I think it will take one lie being busted for my kids to just assume this about everyone. 

Pretty much what I’m getting at is I’m really starting to overthink all these little “white lies” we tell our kids. 

Santa. The Easter bunny. The tooth fairy. And most recently, elf on the shelf. 

I understand that these things are meant to bring an aspect of “magic” into childhood. 

I grew up believing in these things, and honestly, and only remember finding out Santa wasn’t real. 

It’s not something I specifically remember. I just remember when I didn’t believe in him anymore but I pretended I did because I didn’t want to hurt my parents feelings.

See I’m the baby in the family. When I knew he wasn’t real I tried saying thanks to my parents when I opened up my stockings and they simply said, 

“What? Why are you thanking us?? Santa brought that!” 

They clearly couldn’t handle the fact the baby didn’t believe anymore so I went along with it and said. 

“Oh, right. Thanks Santa 🙄” 

My daughter is super emotional. She’s super empathetic, and takes everything very personally. 

In other words, this can be frustrating at times. On the other hand, I’m completely convinced that because of these traits she is going to go on to do AMAZINg things. 

She is so passionate about helping people when they are sad that I have no doubt in my mind that she will therefore help people throughout her life and make an impact on everyone she meets. 

As a result of this, comes the fear of her having her heart broken, because I have seen her get upset over throwing a broken toy in the garbage. 

Likewise, a marker that no longer works still has a place in her heart. 

She will purposely leave two pages uncoloured in her book so that we can keep it forever. 

Similarly, Loosing the rock she found on the road signifies the end of her world. 

Outgrowing clothes makes her  wish she would stop growing so she could keep it forever. 

So how is she going to feel when she realizes Santa isn’t real? 

All of these things that are meant to make childhood “magical” and “fun” I see as becoming devastating to my 5 year old. 

She came home from kindergarten and said 

“Do you know there’s a girl in my class that doesn’t believe in Santa?! That’s ok, because when it’s Christmas Day and she gets presents from him she will have to believe right!? Everyone gets presents from Santa. Just you wait and see mommy, she’ll believe in Santa on Christmas Day, I just know it!” 

Guess whats going to happen? 

Little girl will come to school after Christmas and my daughter will go up to her ASAP and say, 

“What did you get from Santa?! I bet you believe in him now don’t you!?”

Little girl reply’s,

“I didn’t get anything from Santa. My mom and dad gave me presents, there is no such thing as santa!”

Brooklyn will then come home with a million questions. 

Guess what? I suck at lying. I always have. 

I’m not good at thinking on my feet AT ALL. So this will be the start of me breaking my daughters heart. 

That magicial thing you thought was real? 

Meh. It’s not. 

I just told you it was for no other reason then I thought it would be fun for you. 

I’m sorry your bawling your eyes out right now because I lied to you. But guess what. I also lied about the Easter bunny, the elf on the shelf and the tooth fairy. 

The truth is, Life isn’t that “magical.” If you see something and can feel something, that means is a the best indication that it is real 🤷‍♀️

There are things in your life that will happen that will may feel magical, and that are bound to have a huge impact on your life. But, as far as “magic” goes, it’s simply an illusion. 

Welcome to adulthood at the age of 5. 

And welcome to the point in your life that you start to question everything I have ever said to you.