30 new things at 30

#30 Mussels

I am sure I have mentioned this before. But I am pretty particular when it comes to things I eat. 

I am totally fine with trying new vegetables, but when it comes to meat I get super grossed out. Especially Sea food. There were particular times in my life where I had a very hard time eating meat when I realized where it came from.

More particularilty, fish.

I remember unsuspectingly going into my grandpas garage expecting to see him chillin, drinking a rum, and eating spits.

Instead I saw him filleting fish.

Welcome to the part of my life that I didn’t eat fish for a good 15 years.

Any ways, my husband on the other hand, loves sea food. He’s the guy that has the plate full of gross looking creatures with a huge smile on his face, digging in with both hands.

He knows I don’t like even looking at food that still looks like the animal, so he usually “shells” the meat quick and gets it taken away. He joked that I should try a mussel because he knows I was going to be doing my 30 new things at 30.

He ripped the gross little ocean creature out of its habitat and gave it to me.

I ate it. Like some kind of monster.

My conclusion? These bad boys should stay at the bottom of the ocean where they collect all the crap and bacteria and yucky things from the rest of the sea creatures, and stay out of my mouth.

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