30 new things at 30

#28 Stick My Hand Up a Turkey Butt

If you read my post about mussels, you will realize that I’m kind of easily grossed out by foods. In particular, food that still looks like the animal.

In the past, when I have been in charge of cooking meals for holidays, I take the easy way out. I do a ham, a turkey breast,  or I get one of those classy  “turkey loaves.”

I’m grossed out by lots of things like muscles and blood. I don’t like seeing whats under skin, it’s there for a reason, so I can’t see it.

For years I could not even touch raw meat. I remember the first time I touched ground beef. I was probably 18, and it was because it was my job and I had no choice. It was disgusting , and pretty sure I didn’t eat beef for a while after that.

Obviously I have gotten over a lot of my weird “quirks” and can handle raw meat now. If I hadn’t figured it out I’m pretty sure we would be living off of macaroni, grilled cheese, and mushroom soup and we would all be morbidly obese eating box dinners.

My cooking has progressed a lot over the past three years, so…

Eff it. Lets attempt a turkey.

Click photo to watch 2 minutes of hilarity



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