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#24 Make Re-usable Beeswax Wraps

Recycling has been something that I have become more and more “passionate” about over the past couple years. The whole recycling, reusing, and becoming more aware is definately a learning process that takes time. 

I used to think I was “good” at recycling. We had a normal recycle bin for cardboard, plastic and paper. 

Then we moved to Devon. 

They have an organics bin, recycle bin, and your regular garbage bin. 

I’m a nerd and I was ridiculously excited about living in a community that had such a great waste program. So much so, that as soon as we moved here I re-searched if there was a course I could take to learn what I was supposed to do! 

There was not.

Therefore, I printed off numerous sheets breaking down where everything goes and displayed them proudly on my fridge for all to see.

Every time I had something that needed to be disposed of, I would pull down my trusty booklet and look up the particular item. I would say it took me about 2 weeks to get a pretty good understanding of everything. Here they charge if you have more garbage bags than what will fit in your black bin. Its $2 a bag, which isn’t much, but I do think it really encourages people to put things in their proper place.

Plastic is pretty much the devil, and I hate it. I have started to notice more and more that a lot of things you buy come with a STUPID amount of packaging. Every time I throw something in the garbage I feel like a little piece of me dies inside.


I saw beeswax wrap videos and ads floating around on facebook probably a year or so ago and thought they seemed amazing. Of course as soon as I stumbled across some at planet organic I scooped them up and didn’t think twice. I got 6 small for $25 if I remember correctly.

I immediately fell in love with these bad boys. They are meant to replace saran wrap. As soon as you get the hang of them they are a piece of cake to use and I found myself wishing that I had bigger ones. 

“Magically” a random video showed up on my newsfeed once again about making your OWN!!

Cue, this project.

I had the beeswax and the cotton for a week or two before I actually got around to doing it.

It’s way cheaper, way cuter, and super easy to do.

You can use them to cover bowls, wrap halves of veggies, cover your cheese, and you can even make a little pouch to put a sandwich or snacks in!

I feel so much better about using these, and encourage everyone to take a few minutes to make your own, or maybe I could make you some in exchange for babysitting 😉

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