Welcome To My Madness:

Why hello there, if your reading this, sweet! thanks dude. I appreciate you taking some time out of your important life to get to know something about little old me. What better way to get acquainted then by letting you know what to call me.

The most popular names for me currently are as follows, but not necessarily in this order.

  • mom
  • mommy
  • mom mom mom mom MOM MOOOOM!!
  • Poopy head

But you can honestly feel free to call me anything other than that. Chantelle is my given name but I’m open to whatever you find suitable as long as it isn’t immediately followed by something you need from me.

I am a SAHM to a four year old and a two year old. I like  my coffee hot, my Booch/Wine cold, and my social gatherings small and sparse. You’re either going to think I’m nuts, or maybe just a little like you. Either way I plan on shedding a little light on what its really like to be a mom in 2018. Add into the mix that I am an “introvert” and have some slight social anxiety and you’re sure to end up reading something awkward or at least slightly entertaining.